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Support for Blocked Creative People

This may be for people in specific artistic endeavour such as art or music or more broadly for people who need to be creative thinkers in their work.

I have found that strong self-criticism and/or focus on a “successful product” can become crippling to the process of creating; too much demand, not enough time to play, explore with encouragement and support.

I have devised a method of working that is releasing and liberating of creative thinking and action. Together we explore what the specific blocks are, seek out their roots and address their effects. This may take place over a few sessions or become part of an ongoing sustaining structure in your creative work.


We would meet for an initial sessions to explore your needs and agree a plan if appropriate. Sessions cost £45 and last 50 minutes


Contact details


07808 776150

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are best, but please leave a message at other times and I will contact you promptly