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Couple counselling

Many couples will go through troubled times in their relationship. There may be any number of reasons for this and different manifestations of it. Trust and communication may have broken down or be stretched. Misunderstandings and wrong assumptions may be made about each other. Difficult behaviour may be part of the problem.

My aim in Couple Counselling is to create an environment in which trust and understanding can be rebuilt to enable problems to be addressed. I will invite you to attend sessions together to explore your difficulties, how they have arisen and how you may move forward. I may ask you to do some communication exercises together during the sessions and to practice them between meetings. The focus is on your relationship and how you work together, and specifically not on laying blame on either of you for what is going wrong.

I offer an initial session so that we can all meet each other and decide if we can work together. From that point we can plan further sessions or look at other alternatives should they be more appropriate.


Sessions are 50 minutes long and cost £60 per couple. I have a small number of lower fee places for couples who may be on lower incomes.


Contact details


07808 776150

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are best, but please leave a message at other times and I will contact you promptly