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Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy is a psychodynamic therapy, embracing both the creative process and the therapeutic relationship. It aims to use a combination of art and psychotherapy to help facilitate understanding and change.

Why Art Psychotherapy?

"... the process of art therapy is based on the recognition that man's most fundamental thoughts and feelings, devived from the unconscious, reach expression in images rather than words ..." Naumberg 1958

Image-making encourages play, symbolic and metaphoric thinking. These are universal human behaviours and serve an important function in our problem-solving.

Image-making helps people tell their stories, express themselves, contain feelings. It enables people to have a dialogue with themselves, and offers the opportunity for experimentation.

Image-making can enable experiences and feelings which are difficult to verbalise, to be expressed and worked with.

The art object is a tangible product, a record of thoughts, feelings, and unconscious process. It can be reflected upon at any time during therapy, and can help orientate, contain, and provide consistency.


I usually charge 45-50 per art therapy session. I reserve some spaces at a lower fee for people on lower incomes who may find it difficult to meet these costs.


Contact details


07808 776150

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are best, but please leave a message at other times and I will contact you promptly